Recovery Support Training

Become a Recovery Leader

Recovery Support Training can help you develop the skills to support mental health recovery in your own life as well as the lives of your peers.

What is Recovery Support Training?

Recovery Support Training helps people with mental health challenges to develop the skills to better support themselves and others on the road to recovery. It also equips people to have better relationships with friends, co-workers, and any professionals who might be supporting them. This training provides:

  • Self-improvement tools
  • A deeper understanding of mental health and addictions recovery
  • Relationship skills like communication and conflict resolution
  • A foundation for potentially working in the human services field

Recovery Support Training is offered by Fraser Health, in partnership with Clubhouses and the Peer Support Program.

Who is it for?

Recovery Support Training is for people with mental health challenges who want to support others on their journey to recovery and potentially also work in the human services field.

What to expect

When you participate in Recovery Support Training, you’ll attend multiple sessions in a safe space with other like-minded people. Your classmates will be people who are also in mental health recovery and ready to support others. By the end of this enriching training, you’ll receive a Recovery Support Training certificate that could be the launching point for taking further training, or even working in the human services field. The training takes place over up to 10 sessions based on the number of participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to participate in this training: for personal growth, or for pursuing further employment. Tests are optional when training for personal growth, but your certificate will state this was for personal growth. When training for further employment, volunteer opportunities or peer support training, test are required and your certificate will state completion of training with tests.

How to Join

Recovery Support Training is held at various locations and online throughout the year. Register now to see upcoming Recovery Support Trainings and get connected


Recovery Support Training Brochure

Download a handout about this service.

RST Manual

The manual is 155 pages; you may also request to pick one up at local clubhouse when you join. This manual will also be used for Peer Support Training if you plan to apply, so please keep it.

RST Reading Requirements

Homework assignments for RST training.

Becoming a Peer Support Worker

Information regarding taking RST to meet the prerequisites for Peer Support Training and Peer Support Training information.

How to Use Zoom

Instructions on how to use zoom on many devices during our groups.