Your Life and Recovery Journey Workbook

Your Life and Recovery Journey Workbook

Welcome to the Your Life and Recovery Workbook. This workbook can be used on its own or use it along with the Your Life and Recovery Video.

What is Your Life and Recovery Journey Workbook?

We are excited to provide this new workbook to support you in exploring your wellness, create strategies or plans to help you stay well and pursue the life you want. This is your life so use the parts of the workbook that are helpful to you and leave the parts that are not.

Here are some of the topics covered in the workbook:

Recovery After a Significant Life Event
Your Resilience
Your Supporters
Taking Stock of Your Quality of Life
The Importance of Hopes and Dreams
The Importance of Community
Your Connections
Your Wellness
Spending Your Time
Your Compass
Your Values
Your Identity
Your Life or Recovery Plan
Stop, Breathe, Think
Crisis Plan

Your Life and Recovery Journey Workbook will require you to have a PDF viewer. If you do not have one you can get one using the link below.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Download | Free PDF viewer for Windows, Mac OS, Android

There are two versions: one is fillable, you can enter information in it and change it as needed on any device. The other is printer friendly, note the workbook is 40 pages, if you have the option to print double sided it will certainly save you some paper.

Click the workbook you would like to choose to open and save the workbook to download.

Your Life And Recovery Journey Fcover Your Life And Recovery Journey Pcover

Feel free to check out the video below. If you wish to download the video please see the resource section below for instructions.

We encourage you to talk to your personal and professional supporters about your ideas, especially if you would like them to be involved in your life and recovery journey.


Who is it for?

Anyone can use this workbook!

What to expect

We are currently delivering online. There will be in person groups and workbooks available at your local clubhouses soon. You can find Clubhouses listed on our Links page to find one near you.




We are happy to announce our online groups.

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How to Join

We are now offering online groups use the link below to sign up and see available dates. Clubhouses will also starting to deliver in person groups please check directly with them.


Your Life and Recovery Journey Video

To save this video on your device, click view below. Once the video shows select the 3 dots and select download. Note the video is 40mb in size